All Magnolia Doors are 2 inches thick and can use standard door lockset. Hardware specifically made to work with this door thickness. The doors are pre-bored with a 2-3/4 inch backset for a handle set and a dead bolt. They are produced using the traditional drop-forged process using solid brass castings and made with heavy gauge construction, precision engineered mechanism, and superior corrosion protection.All use and standard 5 pin SC1 key way. Wide bow keys are provided.

The “dummy” sets can be used on inactive double door installa¬≠tions to match the one point lock sets on the active door. Magnolia mounts a “spacer plate” behind the hardware to fit these 2 inch thick doors.
The lock sets shown below are standard one-point traditional lock sets and may be used for right-hand or left-hand doors swings. All hardware necessary is included.Installation into the door slab is included in the princing of these one-point lock sets.

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