Benefits of Iron Doors

Why Iron Doors?

Are you building a home and deciding which sort of front door you want? Or perhaps you’re looking to remodel your existing front door and explore your options? Whatever your situation may be, it can be a difficult task to look for the perfect entry door that gives your home the right amount of security and eye-catching aesthetics. There are a variety of door types and materials out there that can fit your preference, style, and budget — the trick is to find an entrance door that fits your needs as well as your home’s needs.

To help guide your decision, we’ve compiled a list of the many advantages of having iron doors:

Elegance / Aesthetics –  Iron doors offer a sense of personalization and elegance to any home. With their luxurious patterns and beautiful finishes, wrought iron doors can provide your home with luxurious aesthetics and make a significant impression on anyone visiting your home. If you want something different and really would like to stand out in your neighborhood, an iron door is a great choice. You can be sure your home will be set apart from others, especially if all of the homes look alike! Having a grand entryway not only adds to the feel of your home, but also reflects the vision and personality of the homeowner. Iron doors are a quality investment, as they can last for years and continue to look polished and elegant.

Security / Safety – Home safety is significantly increased with iron doors. Due to their durability, wrought iron front doors can actually better protect and reinforce your home. In rough weather conditions, they can protect your home from the damage of objects and debris, and their strength is sure to discourage even the best of burglars. Iron is one of the most resilient and durable materials you can select for front doors. On average, iron doors are resistant to moisture, rot, fire, and a variety of insects. Because of the sturdy and durable wrought iron that is used, these doors can withstand an impressive amount of pressure, natural elements and extreme temperatures without needing repair or replacement.

Home Value – Since iron products exude elegance, they will add value to your home. They are an investment in the future of your home. Whether you plan to sell in the future or not, they’re a great choice that will add monetary / aesthetic value. With the right care, your home’s value will stay higher thanks to the quality of the door. Buyers are often impressed by these kinds of details, especially since iron offers so much security for a home.

Let the Light In – And then there’s the light. Light is one of the most important visual aspects of a modern home. You want security, without sacrificing light. Modern homes are built around light, a sense of expansiveness and warmth that employs natural materials like wooden floors, marble countertops and iron railings and sconces. An iron door can make a huge difference. Of course you can put glass into a wooden or fiberglass door, but they don’t feature the operable windows that allow your door to bring light and fresh air into the home while still being guarded by an impressive half ton of steel! You can add windows to other door materials, but they won’t be as beautiful as wrought iron, and they won’t come with the added security. An iron door can keep light flowing into your entryway, while still barring intruders from getting in. This feature of bringing in the light is even more divine when you add sidelights and transom or in homes with a very tall entryway – a separate floating circle of light above your door.

Custom Design – Wrought iron delivers whatever style and color as well the design choices of shape and size, added elements of sidelights, transom or other embellishments. Getting a custom design can communicate a lot about a home or its respective homeowner. When people think of wrought iron doors, they often think of beauty. Although this certainly isn’t the only reason to change to iron doors, the added curb appeal can’t be denied.  You can get iron doors in many different patterns to match different home styles, from simple to dramatic. Iron is elegant and stylish, but also versatile – you don’t need to get an ornate pattern if that’s not your style. They’re also a great choice if you want a unique look for your home since you can get all kinds of different custom designs

Insulation – Have you considered the level of thermal protection afforded by your home’s doors? If not, it’s time to think about how added insulation can help you save money and the environment. Iron doors can help. If you live somewhere cold, consider getting an iron door with thermal insulation. It’s hard to keep your home warm in the winter, especially if your door is letting a lot of heat out. Iron doors are the perfect candidate for thermal insulation since the material holds heat in well. Insulated windows may not be enough to keep all the heat in your home. With an insulated iron door, you’ll get foam insulation and thermal breaks to help stop heat loss. You won’t have to pay for as much energy to heat your home, which also benefits the environment by reducing the energy impact of your home. Added insulation can help you save money and the environment.

Save Money In The Long Run – An iron door costs more up front than other options, which is why some homeowners might avoid it. However, this investment will help you save money in the long run. Since you won’t need to replace the door, you’re saving money in replacement and repair costs in the future. And you’re also investing in preventing property damage from natural disasters and break-ins.

Low Maintenance And Durability – Minimal maintenance is required and they have unbeatable durability when compared to doors that are composed of glass, wood, and other fragile materials.

Increase Size Variability – If your home has an unusually sized door, you might have a hard time finding a replacement door to fit. However, wrought iron doors can be custom designed into many different sizes to meet your needs.  Instead of having to remodel your entryway to fit a standard door, why not buy a completely unique door that fits your entryway? This is a great choice for unique homes that are difficult to fit with new doors.

Fire Resistance – Did we mention that iron doors are also completely fireproof? Iron has a melting point of 2,800°F…

Ready to Make the Change to Iron Doors?

Putting iron doors on your home makes a statement in more ways than one. It clearly makes a visual statement: your home will be uniquely beautiful with this addition. But it also makes a statement that you care about protecting your home.  This investment into design and safety can’t go wrong, and it will last for decades to come. If you want a simple way to boost your home’s value, appearance, and security all in one, consider simply changing the doors.

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