About Us

Magnolia Doors is a proud family business that has successfully worked within the renovation industry for more than 20 years. Over the last two decades, we have successfully established a dominant presence in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. We operate within Bexar County and surrounding areas. (Boerne, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Spring Branch, Austin)

Magnolia specializes in providing customers with luxurious, handcrafted iron products for their custom home projects. Forged with the highest quality materials available and hand-hammered by our master craftsmen, Magnolia’s iron products will be a grand addition to the architectural design of any home or business.

Whether selecting from our standard designs or designing your own unique custom look, we have designers ready to assist throughout the whole process. CAD drawings are provided to all customers so they can visualize their upcoming projects as well as confirm their tailored specifications. Production begins once the customer or home builder approves the dream design. We personally check the specifications of each item before, during, and after production to ensure quality, elegance, and precision.


Since Magnolia opened its doors for the first time, work has been growing significantly. Modern housing trends have enabled us to steadily grow and establish a dominant presence. Through this work, we have innovated and developed our products to perfection. We have been able to evolve our brand through countless years of experience, hard work, and dedication. Growth has not only brought us many new ideas and insights, but has also helped us in building long-term relationships with our clients. Through many years of experience, we have gathered key knowledge in architectural design. Magnolia has worked and will continue to work relentlessly to stand out from competitors and prove to our customers why they made the right choice.

Our team

Magnolia Doors has brought together a reputable team that is passionate about making your dream home stand out. Whether you’re building your dream home or just simply wanting to renovate your entryway, Magnolia has you covered. Our team’s countless years of experience will give you a peace of mind and allow you to sit back and watch the creation of something beautiful. Our brilliant Magnolia Doors team ensures that every customer receives a stunning, elegant, durable, and secure front door. So relax! Let Magnolia Doors take care of your project and give your home a new identity.

Excellent quality service, free estimates, delightful consultations, state-of-the-art showroom, and no hidden fees are just part of what makes us a dominant competitor in this market.

World-Class Designs

Enhancing your home’s entryway is the latest trend in luxury home design. To make your home stand out, Magnolia will provide you with custom products that will emphasize the beauty of your entryway. When it’s time to create a stunning first impression, let us help bring your vision to life.

ur top-notch sales team works with homeowners, designers, and even architects to envision, plan, and execute your project. Our master artisans and craftsmen then take over to hand-forge your custom Magnolia product to fit your exact specifications. Finally, we install every product to assist you in making your dream project come to life.

Magnolia offers two distinct designs; classic and contemporary.

Our classic collection consists of wrought iron doors and railings that have beautiful iron swirls (which can be fully customizable), thus adding a traditional look to any entryway.

Our contemporary collection focuses solely on adding a modern style to entryways. The doors in this collection can also be pivot doors, which when paired with a contemporary railing can add a very unique, innovative look.


Design– To find inspiration, we recommend that you look over our catalog. Here, we showcase our standard designs and other models that could inspire your future creation.

Size– Since we manufacture our own doors, we have the ability to fabricate any custom design and size.

Glass– All doors come with tempered glass which is known for maximizing energy efficiency and impact resistance. We offer a large variety of options for glass, making sure your needs are always met. See our catalog for detailed examples.

Paint– Our paints are specially made for durability. Every Magnolia product is hand-painted with primer epoxy paint, which is highly recommended for iron doors. For an additional cost, there is also a powder coating option. Powder coating is the most permanent finish available on the market.

Handles– We have unique handles available in stock or you choose to design your own. Outstanding quality applies to our core products as much as it does to our complementary accessories. Our handle options are designed to inspire, and a smooth door operation results from our roller latch system and secure deadbolts.

Swing Preference– Our team will help you analyze your best options when it comes to deciding which way you want your door to be opening.

Jamb Size- Jambs can be custom made according to your needs.

Trim Options– To add more aesthetic appeal, we offer inside and outside iron trims. Trims enhance the door, making it more visually appealing.

Energy Efficiency– Polyurethane is injected into all the doors allowing for energy for maximum energy efficiency.

Mission Statement

Magnolia Doors works to enhance the appeal and quality of our customers’ homes or businesses by providing luxurious iron products, delivering world-class customer service, and helping customer’s showcase their taste in aesthetic design.

Vision Statement

Innovate iron products to match the dynamic housing trends of customers and provide quality service to ensure every customer is taken care of.

Contact us

To inquire about creating your very own wrought iron door, contact Magnolia Doors at (210) 366 0490 or fill in our enquiry form on our “Contact Us” page. Showroom appointments available in San Antonio, Texas.

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